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JetStar's FAQ's

1. Is cruising good value?

2. How long is a cruise?

3. Where can I cruise to?

4. Are all cruise ships fairly similar?

5. Are there different types of cruise ships?

6. Can my family and friends come onboard the cruise ship?

7. Are there any special educational programs on-board?

8. Do I need a passport to cruise?

9. Are there different classes of service on ships?

10. Will I get bored? Feel confined on a cruise holiday?

11. What to do while in port?

12. What activities are there to do on a cruise ship?

13. Is cruising good for families?

14. What's there to do at night onboard a cruise ship?

15. Do I need to pay for entertainment on a cruise ship?

16. Will I meet people on a cruise ship?

17. What should I pack for a cruise holiday?

18. Will I need a tuxedo on a cruise holiday?

19. Can single travellers have fun on a cruise?

20. Can I use my hair dryer or shaver on a cruise ship?

21. What are the dining times on a cruise ship?

22. Is the food on a cruise ship good?

23. Can I get a special diet meal on my cruise?

24. What about dining companions - can I sit with my spouse and friends only, or will I have tablemates?

25. Are there non-smoking areas on the ship?

26. Celebrating a Special Occasion onboard?

27. Cruises for honeymooners?

28. Can I make phone calls and use the Internet onboard a cruise ship?

29. How does tipping (gratuities) work on a cruise?

30. Is there a doctor on a cruise ship?

31. Are there laundry services aboard ships?

32. Do cruise lines accept group bookings?

33. Are there meeting rooms onboard a cruise ship?

34. Can I extend my cruise Holiday?

35. Sea Sickness on cruise ships?

36. How can I stay healthy onboard?

37. Cruising sounds too good to be true! Is it?

38. Is my cruise deposit refundable?

39. When do I need to pay for my cruise?

40. Who should I see if I have questions that haven't been answered?

Contact Jetstar Cruises

Address:  Level 1
171 Clarence St.
Telephone:  1300 945 811
Fax:  02 8003 9209


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